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New ways of data evaluation

In order to improve documentation and management of measurement data obtained by wood inspections, we have developed special software kits. You can save all the data gained over years on your computer system and analyses are enormously simplified. Coloured graphs, detail views or comparison modes simplify the analysis and facilitate clear data filing structures.

Definite data evaluation

The standard software ‘IML-Tools’ is used to configure the instrument and allows the readout of measurement data, their transmission to your PC as well as their evaluation, printout and saving. The enlarged software ‘IML-Tools Pro’ includes additional functions like e.g. the exportation of data to Windows® applications, the calculation of density trends (taking the mean) and different print options (overviews).

Die erweiterte Software ‘IML-Tools Pro‘ bringt zusätzliche Funktionen mit, wie den Datenexport in Windows®-Anwendungen, Dichtetrendberechnungen (Mitteln) und verschiedene Druckoptionen (Übersichten).

Simply make better use of your data

Formatted as ASCII- or EMF-format you can export the measurement into other software-even as graph into simple word processing. This represents a special advantage when you have to make an extensive evaluation. The IML software is the perfect basis for evaluation and analyses. Coloured graphs, detail views and comparisons simplify the single evaluations steps and generate a clear arrangement of the data filing structure over the long term.

Different views:

  • Normal view including all the measurement and object data
  • The split view shows the measurement graph in two parts one upon the other-this view offers a better display relation
  • The enlarged view offers various factors of enlargement to stretch the graph
  • The maximum enlargement makes it possible to examine even the smallest details
  • All the opened measurements can be clearly arranged
  • Detailed printout with all the information
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