1. IML PowerDrill Basics: Assign ID- Number & Remark

For example, you can assign a tree number or project name to your IML-RESI wood testing power drill as individual ID number that the device stores with every measurement. Furthermore, you can add any number of notes. The display shows both upon every measurement.

How to assign an ID number:

To assign an ID number: in the main menu, turn the navigation dial to the ID symbol in the upper left. Confirm your selection by pressing the navigation dial. Now you will see a field with letters, symbols, and numbers that you can select individually using the navigation dial. By pressing the navigation dial, you accept the respective letter, symbol, or number until you have entered your desired ID number. By selecting the “ok” button and subsequently pressing the navigation dial, you save your ID number and return to the main menu.

How to add notes:

To add a note: using the navigation dial, select the note symbol located in the upper left next to the ID symbol in the main menu. After you press the navigation dial, a field with letters, symbols, and numbers appears. Enter your specific note by turning and pressing the navigation dial just like in assigning an ID number. Select “ok” to store your note and return to the main menu.

Display of ID number and note: the main menu shows your entered ID number and note above next to the note symbol. If you now perform a measurement, the device will assign the measurement results accordingly. ID number and note are also displayed above the measuring curve in the profile and the measurement information.

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